Cheap International Travel Health Insurance Germany

International expat insurance

Are you looking for international healthcare plans for your trip to Germany? Well, you’re in luck! Read on to discover the most reliable international travel health insurance in Germany

Renowned for its breath-taking castles, magnificent cathedrals, an endless variety of bread, and a wide array of beer, Germany is undoubtedly a promising country to visit. Moreover, it’s one of the safest countries worldwide.

However, dealing with a health problem or sudden injury can be pretty challenging when you’re in a foreign country. It’s when reliable international expat insurance can help you.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about health insurance for travellers in Germany! 

What Is International Expat or Travel Insurance & Do You Need It? 

International travel insurance is a form of healthcare insurance for travellers that will essentially cover any health emergencies you face while travelling. Germany’s travel or expat health insurance has a minimum coverage of €30,000, with no maximum coverage. 

So, do you need travel insurance to visit Germany? 

Every international citizen visiting Germany will need international travel insurance as it is mandatory for a Schengen Visa application. So, if you plan to apply for your short-stay visa to Germany, you will need this type of healthcare plan. Without your travel insurance, the German embassy will reject your application instantly. Moreover, you will also need to show your travel insurance at the Schengen Area port of entry.

Additionally, Germany has one of the finest healthcare systems throughout the world, and its health insurance is reasonably affordable as well. On the flip side, a medical emergency without health insurance can end up costing you a lot. If you have health international health insurance, your provider will cover your medical costs.  

What Will Your German Health Plan Cover? 

Here are all the things that reliable international healthcare plans should cover:  

  • Emergency medical costs incurred due to an accident or illness that requires medical treatment on your trip to Germany (pre-existing conditions, accidents due to extraordinary circumstances, such as war or terrorism, alcohol related-incidents, and adventure-related injuries are exempt)
  • Return to your homeland due to death
  • Shortening of the trip due to unmanageable circumstances
  • Travel abandonment missed or delayed departures, lost or stolen baggage and passports.

Tips to Choose the Best International Travel Insurance for Germany

Not all insurance providers offer the same type of coverage for people travelling to Germany. It would help if you found an insurance provider that offers affordable international travel health insurance in Germany. 

Here’s how you can select a reliable insurance provider:

  • Make sure their healthcare plans cover the services mentioned above.
  • The coverage must extend to all of Schengen, and it shouldn’t be less than €30,000.
  • If you plan to partake in adventurous activities, such as trekking, motorcycling, water sports, etc., find a provider that covers them.
  • Figure out if their plans are affordable.
  • Choose a provider who offers direct billing or seamless reimbursements.

How Does Expat Health Insurance Work In Germany?

When you apply for international expat insurance for Germany, the insurance provider gives you a document that proves your insured status. A copy or part of this document goes to the embassy from where you will apply for your visa. You will keep the remaining copy so that you can show it when you are entering Germany.

In case of a health problem or injury, you must present this document to the hospital or clinic from where you are receiving medical care. Depending on the insurance provider and the type of plan you choose, your insurance provider will cover your medical bills via direct billing or reimbursements. 

The former entails your medical provider registering your insurance data and sending the bill directly to your insurance provider, who will then complete the payment on your behalf. The latter involves you paying the medical bill upfront and then sending the bill to the insurer, who will then reimburse the amount to you. 

How Much Will a German Travel Health Insurance Plan Cost You?

There is no fixed cost for travel or expat health insurance in Germany since different providers have varied prices. However, here are four factors that might affect the overall cost of your health insurance plan: 

  • Your age (since many providers charge more from older travellers)
  • The duration of your trip (you will need to pay more for longer trips)
  • The coverage limit that you choose based on your travel plans and overall budget
  • Involvement of extra coverage (many providers charge extra for covering adventurous activities, such as water or winter sports, etc.

With that said, many healthcare insurance providers offer affordable health insurance packages for families, students, and groups. If you’re looking for a cheap international healthcare plan for your visit to Germany, get in touch with MW Expat Solution Services GmbH today!