Private Money Lenders – Some Top Methods for getting Money For The Property Deals

Getting private money lenders to your real estate investment clients are important to your ability to succeed because the credit bubble makes getting traditional mortgages very hard. Mortgage brokers are actually requiring 700 credit ratings and documented causes of earnings. This could very difficult for many property investors. Hard money lenders will also be drying out because the credit bubble is constantly on the hurt borrowers. How do we receives a commission legitimate estate deals?

The reply is private money lenders. But how can you get private money lenders?

We educate our students using simple marketing strategies to draw in private lenders. Once you begin to draw in private lenders you are able to setup one-on-one conferences or group conferences where one can construct the benefits and advantages of investing cash with you.

There are lots of methods for you to sell to private money lenders but we suggested these 4 strategies nearly as good beginning point.

Business Card Printing

You must have business card printing particularly created for private lenders. On the rear of the credit card you ought to have several popular features of your private lending program and also the benefits of investing along with you. You are able to provide a toll-free recording machine or website if they want more details before really speaking for you. The benefits of this really is most of the tire kickers will weed themselves out if you don’t take up your time and efforts. If you’d like additional information about how to create a card an advertising and marketing weapon go to my author bio to have an article title “Discover the 10 Tips for Make a regular Card right into a Remarkable Marketing Machine”.

Elevator Speech

Who knows whom you might run into therefore it important to possess a prepared 30 second elevator speech regarding your private loan provider program. Included in this speech you are able to inquire if the individual could be curiosity about being familiar with investments that pay 9% to fifteenPercent interest and guaranteed by procurment property. Many people will definitely get their interest peaked and may wish to find out more.


I recommend you’ve got a simply one page flyer that may be published on advertising boards and left in lobbies of 55 communities or local neighborhoods organizations. The flyer should again provide some simple popular features of your program by having an invitation to when you need an internet site to acquire more information.


Among the essential methods for getting private money lenders is thru referrals from family, buddies or professional contacts. Make sure to tell everybody that you’re a property investor searching that people lend money and also you pay 9% to fifteenPercent interest. The greater people who learn about your private money program the greater interested prospects you’ll have expressing interest.

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