What’s The Basic Job Of Stock Brokers

 If you have questions like how to become stock broker in India, how to become the best stock broker and what are the roles of a stock broker then, you are in the right place. Being a stock broker comes with great responsibility and actions that you will be responsible for. So, if you are a newbie in the stock market world, the basic jobs of stock brokers are as follows.

  1. Understanding

The foremost thing you will find common in every stock broker is the understanding of the stock market world.  This is one of the key roles of stock brokers. They are hired due to their versatile view of the stock market. They understand investments, capitals, bonds, funds, and shares which others cannot understand. So, one of the basic jobs of a stock broker is to understand the market in order to make it easier for the clients to invest.


The second basic role of a stock broker is buying and selling shares. Depending on the instructions received from their clients, a stock broker must buy the share or sell the share. So, they basically serve as the facilitator or the mediator between the stock market world and the client, carrying out the necessary movements.

  1. Updating information

The other basic job of a stock broker includes updating information. Being a stock broker, you have sold shares or bought shares on behalf of the company. However, the work doesn’t end with gaining profit. Being a stock broker, you must report and update your client regarding the happenings in the stock market world. You must tell your client, how the shares are performing. This is because your client will know who his competitors are and how he has to handle the situation.

  1. Reports

The next basic job of a stock broker includes providing the company and the client with essential reports. These reports should include details like shares the company invested, profit gained, capital consumed, loss acquired and other financial details. This will help the client in gaining a better understanding of the share and the situations.

  1. Advice

The main reason for hiring a stock broker is to make work simpler. So, apart from carrying out transactions, buying and selling shares, a stock broker should give appropriate pieces of advice to his client. These pieces of advice should help the client achieve the desired results in the stock market world. Advising the client is also one of the main roles of a stock broker, as it is only they who have better knowledge about where to properly invest and how to achieve financial targets.


So, being a stock broker in India means you need to carry out transactions, facilitate the clients with necessary updates as you are the mediator and much more. You should also give the financial advice as you are most aware of the market. You should also update the information and performance of shares in order to aid in achieving financial targets.